To New Beginnings!

Today marks a very important day. It's been four years since I've graduated from university. A lot has happened ever since. Graduating was more than receiving that very "important" piece of paper, to me it was the beginning of a new chapter. One week after graduating, I moved out of my parents' apartment  and rented my first apartment, I was finally living on my own...I had been working for many years already, so I was used to the hustle. But now, I found myself having to take care of everything else, too. 
I started working in retail although I had just graduated with a bachelor's degree in English and Cultural Anthropology. It didn't matter to me because I was so focused on my goal of "making it" that I did whatever it took. Now, four years later, I am still in the same industry. I have worked for different companies yet I'm finally in a management position, only four years after graduating. To some this might seem like a very long time but to me, I am very proud of what I achieved and accomplished in those years. Before turning the magical 3-0, I managed to a have a successful career. 
Despite having landed a management job, I still find myself struggling. Not so much with adulting but more so with finding a proper work-life balance. I was always very focused on work, studying, and internships that I barely had the time to engage in a hobby. Looking back to my high school days, I did not have a hobby back then because I had to study a lot since I was not the best student. So, now, with "just" having a full time job and career, I find myself having difficulties achieving a well-balanced lifestyle. Almost every minute was and is dedicated to work, creating marketing ideas and finding ways to increase sales.
More and more, I realize that I need to change that habit. Oftentimes, I feel tired, uninspired, and unmotivated to do anything. Instead of doing something for myself, I find myself feeling guilty about not spending any time for or at work. Turning those "bad" habits into habits that will bring me more joy and peace is what I am trying to do now. I want to engage in more after-work activities, fill my time with things to do and new things to learn. Be more active, be more creative. And I would like to share this journey with you, get to know you and together we can learn and grow to know and do better. I am excited for yet another chapter in my life that we get to experience new beginnings!