I want this blog to be an outlet not only for me but ultimately a place where we can all come together and talk, and most importantly be real. In the days of snapchat and Instagram and a plethora of editing apps and filters, I want us to be authentic and truly talk about what drives us, moves us, inspires us, scares us.. 
I want us to uplift one another, to give support and advice, inspire and motivate because if we all work on ourselves and be the change we want to see then I am convinced that we will change this world for the better. It is not going to happen over night either but together we can make a difference and be strong not only for us but for generations to come.
Me, personally, I oftentimes find myself being torn- torn between doing what I want or doing what society and my close environment expect me to do. As a matter of fact this applies to many areas in my life, especially my professional life. I really like my job and I get the chance to really be me and give a lot of input and therefore be creative but it also makes me insecure as to where I will be in two or even five years from now in case the company decides to go a different route.
I would like to be more secure in who I am as a professional woman, realize my potential and be proud of who I am and what I achieve, be less harsh on myself and finally stop striving for perfection. I would like to take a step back and have a close look at all that I do, smell the roses while I can and know that I will be ok. Therefore I am looking for a group of like-minded people and peers to chat to about those things, and if this blog would create a space or platform, I would be the happiest.