I've always loved writing and great imagery. I also have a huge love for reading which is why, when I first started to go to college, I knew I wanted to become a writer. Back then blogs were brand new and myspace was around (so you can tell this was a long time ago). I thus started my first blog back then- it was my outlet, a diary, a scrapbook to remember and celebrate good times but also trials and tribulations that I went through as a young twenty year old. 
I also have always been different than my peers: you would see that in the way I dressed (tomboy par excellence), the ways I expressed myself, the hobbies and interests that I had (was and still am a lover for basketball and everything that has to do with sports) and the way I looked (never the most beautiful or skinniest because I inherited quite some curves from my mom and dad) which is why I always had to come up with ways and ideas to make myself not only feel beautiful and comfortable in my own skin, but I would find myself wanting to share these experiences so others wouldn't have to go through it themselves but would find help or support, something that you would seek a lot when you felt like you didn't belong.
Fast forward to 2015/2016, I had graduated from college three years prior and had been in a working environment and living on my own ever since. However, when I would look at my co-workers and again, tried to fit in and belong, I would realize that no matter how hard I tried, it wouldn't matter. That is when I realized that I was meant to stand out. I was meant to be different. To make a change in this world. I am not saying that it was or is easy but once you come to the understanding of being special and therefore highly favored is one of the greatest blessings on this planet then it does get easier- one step at a time. 
As I am sitting here writing these words, I am not only talking to all my readers and visitors, young and more experienced females but also interns, executives, and future boss babes, and ultimately myself, reminding me that it is a tough road (if it was easy, everyone would do it) but giving up is not an option because somewhere out there, a young girl is reading your post, watching your videos or is following your social media accounts dreaming that one day they could be in your shoes. So, pick yourself up and remember that you are a queen. 


  1. Youre the worlds most beautiful girl and i would love to take you out for dinner


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